Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect : No Doubt

Practice Makes Perfect : No Doubt
Knife Sharpener , Bogor 2018
Practice makes perfect is a phrase, a proverb, an idiom, or whatever you want to call, that everybody must remember all the time. Really not sure who invented this phrase but it may last as long as this world.

Nobody can gain any skill without trying to train themselves.

As a street photographer, I always challenge myself to take better and better pictures. It is not because I earn my living from my camera but it has been a habit. Nobody pushes or forces me to do.

 I realize that my skill in capturing moments will definitely deteriorate if I don't practice it during long period. My pictures will become bad after several weeks I don't do my photo hunting sessions.

It is a nature that you will lose something you don't keep. This includes your skill. Any skills.

I don't want to face that situation.

That's why I make it a habit of mine to try in anyway to keep training myself. Sometimes, I do that by capturing small things using my smartphone. It's not a perfect way but at least I practice.

I want to be a better photographer and I realize that the impossibility to reach that target if I can't keep my current skill. If I lose that, it will be harder to reach my target. It's like trying to reach something using a ladder and when you stand in one step, you lose it and fall. You will never reach the top if you keep losing your ground. You will be static, stagnant and stay whereever you are for long time.

And, I am a person who never likes to stay in the same place for too long.

How about you?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Man IS Allowed To Have Tender Heart and Appearance

A Man IS Allowed To Have Tender Heart and Apperance
Bogor Lantern Festival 2017
Our grandpa , our parents always taught a man to be strong. Gallant. Manly. Less than that, they would scream at you. That's the way of the past, you should understand their mindset.

However, it changes nowadays. You can do whatever you want. You can decide your own way of life. Nobody can stop you. It has been guaranteed by the Declaration of Human Right and as long as you are ready to take the consequences of your choice.

That means you can still be a man but having a tender heart. You are allowed to wear ear rings and have a small pikachu doll on your waist. That's your call. You can show your feminine side.

People may stare at you in wonder. But, just for get it. It's your life, not theirs. You are the owner of your life, so just forget their giggling as they thought you are strange.

Just enjoy your life.

The Simplest Way To Start Green Lifestyle

The Simplest Way To Start Green Lifestyle
Bogor 2017
No need to read thick theory books. No need to attend a special course. Everybody can and should do it, especially if you want to start your green lifestyle. Definitely, it costs not even a penny.

It is such a simple thing but it can be the most difficult thing to do.

The "thing" that I meant was just "throw your garbage, litter, trash, or  whatever name you give to unused things to the place where the things belong, trash bin or dust bin".

That's it..

Make a habit to dump your waste in the right place. That will show your intention to join the troop of environment friendly legions. Besides, it will ease garbage collector life.

Unfortunately, millions of Indonesians seem have difficulties to adopt this simplest way. Probably, I am wrong, it may be the most difficult thing to do, more difficult than attending a seminar of green lifestyle.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Street Cleaning Youngsters

Street Cleaning Youngsters
Bogor 2017 - Suryakencana Street
Honestly, I don't know why I like this photo a lot. I was the photographer who captured the picture with my Canon 700D in the middle of the crowded Suryakencana Street full of people watching Lantern Festival last year.

The reason was not because the photo was so stunning. No, it wasn't. The photo didn't tick all criteria made by famous photographer about good photo. It fulfilled even the most basic theory of photography.

I took it in hurry while running backwards trying to catch the moment.

However, living in a country where its people are known for their carelessness and ignorance in handling garbage, this photo meant a lot.

Seeing some street cleaning youngsters with big plastic bag on their hand picking up trash thrown by the parade spectators gave a me a broad smile.

At least, there were people, from younger generation, that had better consciousness about environment.

That means a lot for this country to be cleaner and more environmental friendly in future.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Policewoman Doing Selfie Should Not Cause Worry to Anyone

Policewoman Doing Selfie Should Not Cause Worry to Anyone
Bogor Car Free Day 2018

The above photo was captured by my son when he, and his friend went to Car Free Day with our Canon 700D. It is quite unique and I must credit him for his sharp eyes to catch the moment, and of course for his ability to find two beautiful young policewoman.

The photo reminded me about what Indonesia's Police Corps' Chiefe who recently told his worry about the habit of policewoman doing selfie. His concern was based on the facts more and more young policewomen to capture the picture of themselves and upload them to their social media account.

Well, I can understand about his concern. As a number one person in the corps, he should be worried that's his duty. He should be worried that the activities may affect the performance of his men/women in doing their job properly.

It is understandable.

However, this time, I believe, he is worried too much. Selfie among Indonesian policewomen is still within tolerance level. There has been no news that it has given bad impact to how the ladies do their duty. How they do selfie is also still normal and not provocative , it is still far awal from what a Chinese policewoman did when she captured herself in upper uniform but without pants.

Still normal.

Besides, what our young policewomen do may give bad impact to the corps. People always enjoys beauty and there are many pretty faces in Indonesia Police Corps, especially from the young generations. Their response are more positive than negative. On the field, it is easy to find Indonesian people asks the ladies to do we-foe together with them.

The activity make the relation between the protector and the protected getting close. The big gap that was used to be there gradually are narrowed down. This is a good sign.

That's why I don't think there is something wrong with this policewoman new habit of doing selfie. It shows human side of policemen or women. People don't need police who always have stern looks everytime, they want also police who can be friends.

Even though, if I am asked to do selfie with a young and cute policewoman, I will still refuse. It has no relation with my opinion. It has a relation to a fact that my wife will surely frown and call me flirty If I do that.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Apppreciate The Beauties Surrounding You Anytime

Apppreciate The Beauties Surrounding You Anytime
Bogor Palace Frontyard 2017

Nowadays, people tend to spend more money to buy "experience" than what people from the past did. Leisure shopping, is the term, has been adopted by more and more people in the world. They prefer to save their money with the intention to use them to explore more places in this earth and enjoying the privilege to label themselves as "travelers", a new prestigious label found.

More and more people travel. More and more travel bloggers are born since most of the leisure shoppers, surely, want that their experience would be remembered, of course by other people too. Internet have been saturated with the stories of "don't know who" person that tells his or her stories about the beauties of the never heard place in the "unknown country".

As a result, more and more people, especially who don't have money, envy more after reading what the leisure shoppers  write or post in their Facebook or Instagram timeline. They would work harder and harder to make sure the next round will theirs to tell the story.

But I don't.

I meant, I will still work hard everyday. It's the only way I know to survive in this world that everybody should work and think hard. What I want to tell is, that I don't have envious feeling for those leisure shoppers.

Having been working as a marketer in several textile companies selling fabrics or garments for more than 20 years, I have been given a chance to visit 14 countries, too many for a village guy like me. I saw quite many places and many things, even before the term of "experience shopping" was born.

This taught me well about three things. The first is that the excitement of being in new places and seeing new things is behind why people likes to travel more these days, However, the second, the excitement last short. After few days in the same places, the excitement fades away and the "ordinary" feeling starts to take over.

Anytime, the same circle happens. No matter how beautiful the places, the same thing happens inside any human being.

An addiction to the "excitement", as also other type of addictions, will create problems if it is not curbed. It encourages people to spend more, that will make people in tourism industry smile broader, and more even more than their capability to do just to fulfill the need of the excitement.

If you are a millionaire, then, it is fine. Rich people were born to travel. But, if you are not, you may have to borrow money.

Difficult situation created that may trap people in inconvenience.

The last reason, I don't envy the leisure shoppers, is because I am a street photographer.

I learned that beauties are everywhere/ You just have to open your eyes, scan the surrounding, and grab it. I can just walk down to the nearest square in my hometown with my camera and immediately have the feeling of the same excitement similar to the one I experienced when I landed in a new place.

Photography teaches me well to appreciate beauties surrounding me than thinking about "beauties" in a place that the cost to go there will make my wallet crying.

The only difference is that what I do will not make my neighbors unconsciously open their mouth when I tell my stories of the trip. I will not also have a privilege of labeling myself as leisure shoppers or travel bloggers. But, I don't mind, now, I prefer to label myself as city crawler, or a street photographers trying to record my city with my camera.

I don't envy/

Friday, February 16, 2018

Seeing The Struggle of Other Human Being Is Never Easy

Seeing The Struggle of Other Human Being Is Never Easy
Becak - Bogor 2017
People may think that street photography genre is fun to do. No money to pay as the objects are available free in public area. Not too many tools , like tripod or expensive lenses have to be bought. You can use whatever gear available at your disposal, like smartphones.

Honestly, having crawled many streets, I really don't think street photography is a "fun" genre. Many times, uneasy feeling raises inside.

Too many times that makes me feel that I have chosen a wrong genre.

There are too many times that I met people struggling with their life. As a human being blessed with empathy, seeing the struggle creates uneasy feeling. Often, it caused me to stop pushing the shutter release button because I was to overwhelmed with what I saw through the viewfinder of my Canon EOS 700D.

Being living in a country with big percentage of people living in poverty, such kind of people trying to survive are easy to meet. Even, if you are not intended to see, streets will provide you with many views of this situation.

It is not easy to avoid.

I face the situation too many times to learn that there are only two options, to capture the moment or to walk away without pushing my shutter release.

Honestly, after having my own struggle, I take the latter one. I am a street photographer and it's my duty to capture whatever my mind says "interesting". Besides, by capturing the struggle moment, I can also tell the world about what I see on the streets.

That's the risk of my choice of being a street photographer. I must absorb that.

Streets Not Only For Cars, Motorcyles, Or Vehicles

Streets Not Only For Cars, Motorcyles, Or Vehicles

Wrong. Absolutely wrong. If you think that streets are made for cars, motorcyles, or other vehicles, allow me to say, politely, that it is incorrect.

For sure, I know what laws say. I am not too dumb not to be able to read or understand what government often has written on what so called regulation. Definitely, I know that the reason behind why streets are made.

However, the reality shows differently. In many streets in Indonesia, including my hometown, not only cars or vehicles who use streets, road, or whatever the name are. I believe also many members of our society have this kind of thought.

My camera captured many proofs about another fucntion of streets, besides as a place for vehicles to run. Also, one policy, recently announced by the governor of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia supports it.

Streets can also function as a place to make a trade. To sell and to buy.

The governor of Jakarta, few months ago, announced to close one street in Jakarta and use them to accomodate traders of any kind in Tanah Abang District to do business. He prohibit cars, motorcycles, trucks to make a pass to the street.

So, I believe it's fair to say that street function has changed a bit, at least in my country, to be where people can sell or buy.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Perfectly Sexy Lady Does Not Always Attract Men

Perfectly Sexy Lady Does Not Always Attract Man
Bali 2016 - Kuta Street
Men, majority of them, are always attracted by sexy ladies, especially with a perfect body. That's normal.

That's also the reason behind willingness of companies to pay big bucks to lady with perfect body shape. That's why women like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid are so rich because their body are so gorgeous that men will find it difficult to resist and women will envy to have, and eventually it will open opportunity for the companies to sell.

However, having crawled many streets, in Indonesia, I found that sometimes, perfect body is not everything. Some people can resist to even give a slight attention.

I don't know how they could do it. Perhaps, it's because they were to religious and seeing a sexy lady was a sin. Or, which is more likely, because the sexy lady was only in a banner or poster, it may be different if the man meets the lady face to face.

Perhaps. I don't know exactly.

Selfie Is The New Core of Traveling

Selfie Is The New Core of Traveling
Bali 2016 - Tanah Lot Beach, Bali

In the past, traveling was a way to explore of the unknown. It was also one way to escape from your routine and get refreshed. Some others will use it to have quality time with their family.

But.. it may have changed these days.

People often do travel just to be exist in this world. That's why they usually take so many pictures of themselves. Usually, they will have bunches of photos after they travel to one place and most of them are photos of their face in various places.

Probably, today is the era when refreshing, having quality time with family, exploration are no longer the core of having a travel. It's likely the core has moved to a new one i.e. to do selfies as many as possible.

It Is Like Watching TV

It Is Like Watching TV
Bali 2016 - from the aisle of Grand Nikko Hotel  now Hilton Resort

You may feel annoyed if your children disturb you while you are watching your favorite TV show. Many prefer to do it as your "me" time.

However, I learned that children are more important than everything, including my favorite movies. That's why I almost never watch TV anymore as my son or my wife often occupies it to see soap opera or anime.

Well, that's my fate as a man. To sacrifice.

However, I learn also that my camera gives me an opportunity to have something like watching TV. I can peep from the viewfinder and scenes of life, real ones. It's like watching a reality show made by my own.

I can let my idea free and not directed by the presenter.

It is more interesting to see reality that what is shown on TV.